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Step battle with friends to reach your goals faster.

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What's a Duel?

A Duel is head-to-head step battle lasting 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week. Invite or find friends in the UP® App and challenge them to a Duel. Comment, cheer or taunt them as you go. Clock the most steps to be crowned Duels champion. If bragging rights aren't enough, play for coffee, a foot massage, or dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Step more. Stay connected.

Duelers average 50% more steps than they usually take on the daily. How impressive is that? Not to mention playing is a great way to stay connected with friends near and far. Invite them to Duel even if they don't have a tracker—all they need is the free UP® App and motivation from you!

Share your success

Share your Duel as it is happening on Facebook and Twitter. Friends can comment and cheer you on—and you might just inspire others to move more too. Win or lose, your results are an accomplishment worth sharing.

Start a Duel of your own

Have the UP® App?

Simply open the UP® App, tap the left menu and press Duels. Find a friend and challenge them to get movin'. Invite anyone to join. There's no tracker needed.

Don't have the UP® App?

All you need to Duel is the free UP® App and a phone that tracks steps (hint: most phones do!).

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These @Jawbone #Duels are great. I kicked off my morning by getting some last minute steps in to “defeat my opponent”…today can be anything you make it! #JawboneUP #JawboneDuel


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