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Data Scientist
The next era of technology will be defined by products that are smarter, interconnected, and seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. Jawbone is building these products -- and the data science team is a key piece of this puzzle. If you’re passionate about data, wearable tech, and inspiring people to live better you’d fit right in.

The Data
The Jawbone UP wristband collects data at 30 Hz, 24/7 and it helps hundreds of thousands of people understand how they move, sleep and eat. Our best-in-class wireless speakers, headsets and apps tell stories about the music people listen to and their environment. We want to turn these insights into products -- and that’s why we need you on the data team. You know what it takes to build a data product that delights and inspires millions of users all over the world. You’re passionate about turning data into stories that capture people’s imaginations. You know it’s no small feat, and you’re up for the challenge.

The Impact
You’ve worked with data that’s big, messy and incredibly rich. Maybe you’ve optimized ad CTR, but now you’re ready to start building the future of wearables, personal lifestyle tracking, and the Internet of Things. You know how to ask the right questions -- and how to explain the answers concisely. You’re a data enthusiast and a data skeptic; we need both when we’re asking questions about habit formation, motivation and sleep. You know enough machine learning to personalize and shape the user experience, but you also know when machine learning is not the answer.

The Team
You can’t wait to join a team of data scientists, data engineers, and data visualization experts and make a huge impact on our best-in-class software. After all, this team has quite the portfolio: In our app, we’re now automatically detecting and classifying workouts and sleep, and suggesting food items to log. We’re fine-tuning health insights and delivering the right motivating message at the right time, making Smart Coach even smarter. We’ve shown the world how an earthquake affects our sleep -- and why our bodies don’t care about timezones. This is no academic research lab -- everybody codes and ships.

Technologies and Learning
How can we cluster users by their lifestyle goals? How do you define a ‘nap’? Supervised or unsupervised learning? What’s the data signature of a habit? How do we detect outliers, build predictive models and solve cold start problems -- at scale? How can we measure the impact we have on our users’ lives? What’s the state of the art for analyzing time series data? You’re going to be instrumental in answering these type of questions. You’re going to learn a lot in the process, and you’ll mentor junior engineers and data scientists. You’ll represent Jawbone and the data team as a speaker at professional events -- if you’re not a great speaker already, you will be.

Join us!
Our mission is to deliver better living through data -- from wearable tech to best-in-class Bluetooth headsets and wireless speakers. We’re looking for data scientists who share our passion to transform massive amounts of data into products that delight our customers and improve their lives.

The team is based in San Francisco’s trendy SOMA district. If you're in search of a place to push the edges of what's possible and you're ready to do the best work of your life with insanely smart people: hello, nice to meet you.

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San Francisco, CA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
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